Corporate Profile

Raptakos, Brett & Co.Ltd has been serving the medical profession globally, with a wide range of high quality healthcare products for nearly 9 Decades now.

Raptakos, Brett & Co. Ltd. was established in 1930 by two great visionaries – Mr. A.Raptakos & Mr. W.H.Brett, with the mission of serving the nutritional needs of people.

Over the past eight decades, the company has shown consistent growth and acquired a well earned reputation for serving the medical profession and patients alike with a portfolio of innovative products.
Even today, this remains the guiding principle that propels us to innovate and excel in the field of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations.

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  • Manufacturing facilities complying WHO GMP Certifications along with other international standards are located at Thane, Roha, Karad, Chennai and Dahej. Our newest plant Dahej is a state of the art facility dedicated for the manufacturing of vital range of nutritional products. It has completely automated system of operations. We ensure stringent quality control, quality assurance and well-regulated production practices.
  • The company also has a plant at Alwar for manufacturing intermediate products required in various formulations
  • All the company’s products have been developed through intensive in-house R & D efforts. Our Research and Development laboratories have won recognition for their work from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.
  • Raptakos, Brett & Co. Ltd. has many firsts to its credit in terms of technology, products and innovations.
  • Research is focused primarily in the areas of nutrition and dietetics, APIs, pharmaceutical dosage forms and analytical methods.
  • Raptakos, Brett & Co. Ltd has been successful in developing an innovative and unique drug delivery system called the Diffusion Rate Controlling Membrane technology or DRCM technology.
  • This technology enables a single dose of a drug to be made available to the body over a 24 hour period in the required therapeutic concentration. The company has several products incorporating this technology.
  • Other pharmaceutical products cover several therapeutic groups such as Vitamin and Mineral supplements, Haematinics, gastrointestinals, digestive enzymes, NSAIDs and various other therapeutic categories.
  • The company has a wide range of nutraceutical products ranging from specialized infant foods for low birth weight as well as term infants and for lactose intolerant infants, supplements for pregnant women and lactating mothers, growing children, geriatrics and critically ill patients.
  • In the segment of Nutraceuticals – projected to grow dynamically, both internationally as well as in India – the company has established itself as a force to reckon with.
  • The company has an extensive distribution network comprising 14 branches spread all over India as well as branch offices in various countries .
  • Over 1000 field personnel serve the medical professionals through out the country.
  • By focusing on this area and by launching products which are well accepted, the company is poised for quantum growth in the coming years.