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Raptakos Brett & Co. Ltd. sights Research and Development as a vital component of Business.

We recognize that ‘innovation is the key to success’ and have been consistently investing in R&D over the last decade. All the products are developed by the Company’s R & D division which has a team of experienced Scientists well qualified in the fields of Pharmacy and Nutrition.

Our products in the nutraceutical range extend from a substitute for human milk to weaning foods and special infant foods apart from other specialty nutritional supplements.

Pharmaceutical formulations include products which fall in major therapeutic groups such as Respiratory, Pain Management, GI, Digestive enzymes, Vitamin and Mineral supplements and Haematinics.

Our brands are widely recognized amongst the medical fraternity as leaders in innovation and quality. We believe that customer satisfaction, in terms of quality, delivery and after sales service, is our first and foremost responsibility.

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  • Lactobionic acid
  • Calcium Lactobionate
  • Calcium Glubionate
  • Colloidal Bismuth Subcitrate ( also known as Tripotasium Dicitrato Bismuthate )
  • Ferric ammonium citrate
  • Silver Sulfadiazine